“Be Brave” Fundraiser Fashion Show T-Shirt

As I walk the streets, I ponder my existence, my choices, and the possibilities I could have for a better life. Depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and pain are the reasons that force me to walk the streets every day wondering if anyone cares. I see the fear on people’s faces as they judge me. They don’t know that I crave and yearn for a better me. What they don’t see is how brave I am for realizing where I am today and for the change that I want to make for a more fulfilled life and a better being. From the outside, they don’t see the bravery I hold within.

Every t-shirt we create is 100% cotton, has soft feel inks, a vintage style, classic fit, and is made in the U.S.A. Color varies depending on shirt.

Our goal for the “Be Brave” fundraiser is to raise $5,000 to help prevent homelessness in Wichita. 100% of proceeds will benefit the Wichita Children’s Home to help local youth in need.



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