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Our Partnerships

Ava Said humbly partners with Wichita Children’s Home and Impact Models LLC. Our organizations share a common mission to help those in need by creating resources for those looking for opportunities.

“I saw so much passion and excitement in Thirza’s eyes as she told us about her new journey with Ava Said! She told stories about her grandmother, Ava, and how she always helped others who were placed in her path.

Ava Said’s clothing line represents examples of the people Thirza has met who have gone through rough patches in their lives and how they have been resilient. IMPACTmodels is thrilled to be in partnership with Ava Said as we provide models for their clothing line.”  –  Kimberly Whitaker, Owner, IMPACTmodels

These partnerships will help Ava Said accomplish our overall goal to give a new beginning for a better tomorrow to those in need. We believe our business can encourage others to help the homeless in Wichita and to have hope in knowing that we’re working on finding solutions to prevent these crises.

Wichita Children's Home
Franklin's Barber & Beauty Shop
Impact Models
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