Ava Said
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Vera eating her meal for the day.
Today I met Vera. I approached her and introduced myself to her and I asked her if she wanted something to eat. She said yes please, that would be kind.  We started talking and I started asking her about life. She started telling me her story. She’s been on the streets for 8 years due to addiction and depression and abandonment.

As she’s telling me her story, I was in tears seeing someone so talkative and in good spirits feel that she’s not worth having a better life.  I asked her if she would name her story what would she name it. She said (I) and ask her why.

She says because we’re all (I). She says “you can be (I), (I) can be you. I don’t want this life but I didn’t have a choice.” As she said that I hugged her.  She was surprised that I gave her a hug.  We spoke for 45 minutes outside.

When I asked her what would be something that homeless women would like to have as an everyday need she said, to my surprise, make-up, such as lipstick, a pair of earrings, and perfume. I asked why those things and she said because when we’re stressing and realize where we are in life having those things makes us feel a little bit special for that moment. It touched my heart.

Vera and I are supposed to meet again soon.  Talking to Vera reminds me of why I started the Ava Said project to help people like her. Vera thanked me for approaching her and for her dinner. What she doesn’t realize is that I thank her for spending time with me. Always be kind to others. We all have a story to tell.

"I" Pink Tee
(I) Pink Tee
"I" Pink Tee
(I) Pink Tee
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